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A little Pluto inhabitant crashed in Earth. Now it's his epic journey to Pluto again. On his way to Pluto he has to face different adventure like jumping, climbing, floating in space and fighting with snake, leopard, mountain goat and eagle. This version 2.0 contains four fantastic levels jungle, himalay, cloud and space.

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-- 4 levels of epic journey from tropical Jungle to Himalaya, Cloud and Space. Realistic and fantastic environment.

-- Nice graphics and game play for hours of fun.

-- Jungle level with funny monkey, beautiful parrot and angry snake. just avoid snake take fruit to reach on destination height.

-- Himalaya level with snow leopard and mountain goat. careful from leopard and reach on himalay highest peaks.

-- Cloud level with beautiful moving cloud and rainbow. very careful from red cloud and angry eagle and reach on outside of earth's atmosphere.

-- Space level with different meteorite and floating in microgravity. avoid head crash from meteorite and use meteorite for jump or move.


COMING SOON: [ Version 3.0 ]


- 3 new realistic and fantastic levels Sky, Satellite station and Pluto.

- Ride on satellite station and new dream land Pluto environment.




- 3 new realistic and fantastic levels Himalay, Cloud and Space.

- Floating on microgravity in space level. It's a real feeling of floating in space.

- It's totally ads free.




- Device default back button functionality has implemented and manual back and exit button has removed.

- Tap on game intro page to slide next.

- Application file memory has optimized.

- Graphics quality has improved.

- Some game play bug has removed.


Recommended Ages: 3-12, 13-27

Categories: Advancer Game, Kids Action, Entertainment

Special Objects: pluto, world, jungle, himalaya, snake, monkey, goat, leopard, fruit, food, jump, move, cloud, icecream, eagle, rainbow, space

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